Around 7 billion people from 196 countries are living on this planet earth. Roughly, 2.4 billion Christians, 2 billion Muslims,1.6 billion Buddhists (some says 0.5b), 1 billion Hindus and other minorities are there. Numerous wars among different religious groups and tribes filled up history of human beings. In Japan, we never experienced religious war nor revolution so far.

Shinto is not a religion but a way of life Japanese people followed since ancient times. Once upon a time, there were period called, Jomon (15000bc -400bc), Heian (794-1185) and Edo (1603-1868) when Japanese culture of peace (“WA” in Japanese) flourished and nurtured among people. You can’t find such long period of peace in any other area of this world.

After Tsunami attacked Tohoku (northeast) area of Japan in 2011, severely affected people helped each other naturally. Japan is a country of natural disasters throughout our history. Our ancestors had an awe of nature and respected it and thanked for all the gifts from nature.

I believe Japan is not only a country with economic power but also a country succeeding culture of peace since ancient time. I would like to share with you my own experiences through visitation of holy Jomon sites.